About Rogue


Born in San Clemente, CA in 2008, ROGUE’s heritage runs deep in the core of our sports.  With an unmistakable presence within the industry, everyone turns to ROGUE to see what the next generation of boards will look and perform like.  As some turn towards tradition, we establish industry progression.  We take the talents of our incredible team and develop the best overall boards on the market.  ..if there’s a niche we have a board that fits it!



At its core, means to maintain and support.  Sustainability for our planet earth is something that is very near and dear to us all at ROGUE.  Whether you surf, ski, paddle or wake, we believe it’s important to make sure the generations below us can share the stoke and have fun doing the things we’ve all grown to love.  Taking care of our playgrounds, our planet, is vital to the longevity of our sports, thus making it a priority in each of our lives.  One person nor organization alone can ensure this alone, so it is up to each of us to do our part.  By using bio-based resins, natural fibers, recycled materials and lowering our waste during production, we at ROGUE are lowering our footprint and becoming a more sustainable partner for our planet earth.


Our line up 

When we started to create our 2021 line up we had a clear focus.   Share the stoke and make sure more people have a great experience on the water. Sticking to our core fundamentals we’ve developed an assortment of high-quality boards and accessories that provide best in class performance at an unmatched value.  We invite you to come see for yourself and share the ROGUE stoke.

Surfers, skaters, paddlers and divers, we fish and we foil and we always stay loyal.  We live what we preach and stay true to our niche…. The time is now, come join us and we’ll show you how!