Rider 006

Mo Freitas has surged to an extraordinary and quite emotional victory on finals day in Cold Hawaii following a “you couldn’t script this” photo finish with team mate and close friend Connor Baxter, as Team Hawaii plucked an incredible gold-silver result from an intense and exciting beach race here on the penultimate day of the 2017 ISA.

Whether it be surf racing, downwinding or flat water grinds, Mo Freitas holds his own with the best of ’em. Surfing is still Mo’s first love though, and part of his deal with Boardworks will see him riding Rogue’s new surf range and foils in addition to their race boards. The superstar told us he was excited to get his hands on the new toys, and while he’ll be at plenty of 2018’s biggest races, Mo is also eager to spend more time in the surf this season.